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Day activity center for people with artistic dreams..

What is Konstbruket?

Konstbruket is a job that emphasizes on art, i. e. primarily on visual arts, but we also work with music, drama, writing and media. In our workshop we focus on drawing, painting, sculpting and we experiment with different type of material and expressions.

The Objective with Konstbruket

Our objective is to have a developing and creative environment - the objective is that you sense joy and pleasure in safe and inspiring surroundings. It is also vital that you have a meaningful career. We wish for you, who are interested in the arts, to have the prerequisite to develop your talent. We also want your art to be integrated and appreciated on the cultural scene in the community.

The Business

Konstbruket should be open to the community and therefore our activities are directed outwards as we arrange exhibitions, concerts and field trips as well as participate in different cultural activities.

For whom?

Konstbruket is a work placement for people with a disability who practice art. We focus on people with a neuro-psychiatric disability and run a day activity center according to the Act of Support and Service for people with disability - LSS - and we are part of the system of liberty in the council of Uppsala. We have been approved by the County and the Council.

The Educators

All our educators have both artistic and specialist teacher training at university level. They have many years of experience working with different form of disability.

The Facilities

Our facilities are located in Ekeby Bruk in the old ceramic industry, which today boosts of activity of entrepreneurship and different voluntary club activities. There is plenty to discover in a quiet and stimulating environment. We are situated close to the city with nature and green spaces around us.

Facts about Studiefrämjandet

Konstbruket is managed by Studiefrämjandet Uppsala Västmanland. It is a study organization and an independent non-profit organization. We profile ourselves with topics of nature and culture.

Welcome to visit us!

You are always welcome to come for a visit. Make an appointment and join us on a guided tour on the premises and let us tell you more about Konstbruket.

  • Text: Johanna Nyström
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