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Being (with) plants: meditative and artistic exploration of our relationship with plants

A workshop focusing on how to be with plants as a way to improve our relationship with plants as a way to create a more sustainable future.

During this workshop, we will focus on our relationship with plants.

Through a range of meditative and creative methods, we will explore how we can be with plants as a way to change the way we perceive them.

Based on these activities, we will spend time on creating a small piece of art.

The language of the workshop will be adjusted to the needs of the participants (English or Swedish).

Tisdag 18 oktober 2022 - 16:30 till 18:30


Göteborgs Botaniska trädgård, mötesplats: Roten


Katerina Cerna



Max 15 personer. Föranmälan krävs senast 17/10. Maila katerina.cerna86@gmail.com