Nemis stage på INmusic 2016

Nemis på INmusic Festival 2017

Vi är stolta över att nu för tredje året i rad kunna presentera Nemis som en del av INmusic festival i Kroatien - i år under rubriken "Balkan Goes North with Nemis – New Music In Sweden”.
Ett antal band/artister och DJ:s från hela Sverige får nu chansen att uppträda och möta en ny publik på andra sidan Europa. Dessutom får en utvald akt från Livekarusellens riksfestival uppträda på festivalen!



Balkan Goes North with Nemis - New music In Sweden proudly presents:


Karl Sid (DJ)
Five-time Swedish and Scandinavian DMC champion Karl Sid aims above all to leave his mark on the world. This DJ prodigy and multiple form artist creates art that combine spiritual, social and political questions with a deep interest in communicating experiences.

As an up-and-coming music producer, he brings creativity, positivity and purpose to his vision is that anything is possible. On stage this is a force to be reckoned with as his technique, passion and energy is on a world-class level.




Cristian Saavedra (DJ)
Chilean born DJ and producer Cristian Saavedra, was one of the key people behind the success of the jazzy electronic sound of Monte-Carlo, that swept Italy and France this past decade.

His radio show, Cool Dance, ran for more than six years on Radio Monte-Carlo which has over 3,000,000 daily listeners. He was subsequently asked to perform at a multitude of clubs and festivals internationally. During the success of Cool Dance, he directed the production and release of four mixed compilation albums for EMI Records named Monte-Carlo Nights. They included several tracks composed and produced by Cristian and friends.

His latest project is the Saavedra Sound Company. Activities include DJ and music production courses, operation of the Saavedra Sound Studio, agent for talents and record-label. Saavedra Sound Radio is expected to kick off later this year.




HARDMAN is a DJ/producer hailing from Australia, based in Stockholm and plays a driving mix of deep house, tech house & techno. HARDMAN's taste in electronic music was richly influenced by late 90's novelties of happy hardcore and touch sensitive Sony CD walkmans. Stretching later to envelope the likes of Orbital, Dj Shadow & The Prodigy amongst others, HARDMAN grew to become known as the one responsible for the latest, most coveted and sought after music.

HARDMAN is distinguished by her disarming stage presence, unmistakable charisma and relentless style of house music.




Dreams Of Neverland

Dreams Of Neverland were formed in Nora (Sweden) back in 2014 by a group of friends. Joakim Henriksson (Rhythm guitar) Marcus Törnqvist (Lead guitar) Sebastian Dabnor (Drums) Christian Pålerud (Base) and Liam Langarap (Vocals). With their vigorous music and wild performance they will make the stage shake and ensure that you’ll bang your heads. They aim to give you a show you won’t forget.




On November 8th 2013 Jesper Lindgren (guitar) and Jonas Eriksson (vocals) of Velvet Insane organized a fundraising concert in their hometown of Östersund featuring artists such as Nicke Borg (Backyard Babies), State of Drama and journalist Anders Tengner. Although this concert was Velvet Insane’s first ever appearance, word of the band quickly spread among Sweden's rock fans motivating the band to start recording some demos and take to the road for a small Swedish tour.

In April 2014 the band recorded their first EP, which was released on May 16 that year. Shortly after this release two new members; Tobias Reimbertsson (drums) and Niklas Henriksson (bass) were recruited to complete the band line-up. With a new line-up and a new lease of life, Velvet Insane once again made the trip to the Swedish capital Stockholm to record their official debut EP "Youth on Fire" which was released worldwide on October 25th 2014.

The release of "Youth on Fire" sparked an enormous interest in the band, as fans, promoters and record companies worldwide caught wind of bands progress. And at the end of 2014 just one year after the bands formation Velvet Insane had booked an Australia tour that took place in February 2015. A great achievement for a young band from Northern Sweden. Hard work and determination was paying off handsomely for Velvet Insane. And they were only getting started.

In June of that year they released their third EP "Break Out Of Eden". This EP showcased another layer to the bands songwriting capabilities and musical development. Countries like England, Spain and Japan began to take notice of the band and offers for tours began to fly in.

In just a short time, Velvet Insane have managed to tour in such diverse territories as Australia, the UK, Japan and Spain. With more tours planned internationally in 2016/2017 the band is set to continue to break new ground and build their loyal fan base.

The debut album is scheduled for release in early 2017.





Gorilla Cult is a five piece experimental indie band from Stockholm who recently released a single called "Mothership".

Since the release of their debut EP "Dialectic Collision" (available on Bandcamp, also on cassette limited to 3 copies) in March 2015, they have mostly gone their path, discarding niche genres in favour of instead combining elements of post-punk, new wave and shoegaze, alongside warped electronics, and absurdist lyricism.

Along with previous single "Other Side Of Town", released late 2016, "Mothership" is a first taste of new material that is due for release this summer. Hear it first live exclusively at InMusic Festival!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gorillacult/




NKO$I aka Thato Nkosi is 22 year old DJ and producer, born in South Africa and raised in Sweden. After growing up with music around him, and not enough interest for instruments, he started exploring electronic music. Then when he got to experience it in real life, it caught him in an instant!

Since then he has been showing a mad dedication and passion and has been accomplishing crazy things in this short amount of time at his age. Wonder what happens if he keeps on punshing like this?

His style is very colour ful, but unique and energetic.




CHEOPS’ CAVE (Indie rock)

Cheops’ Cave are a guitar based indie rock orchestra from Sweden.

Since the release of their EP in 2014 and their full length album in 2016, the five swedes have played several festivals and clubs, and appeared on Swedish Radio as they won a competition for the best unsigned band of the month in 2015 with their song ”Show your exultation”.

Cheops’ Cave are now coming to INmusic Festival with their driven and intensive live show, to show how Indie Rock should be presented!




OCTOPUS RIDE (Rock/Psychedelic/Punk)

Since forming in 1999, Swedish psych act Octopus Ride has passed through a number of reincarnations. In 2002, the band invented “psychedelic post-punk”, developing a sound that has been likened to Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd rendering Joy Division. Some years later, they were producing quietly hypnotic “mantra rock”. The debut album proper, released on Rev/Vega in 2013, hinted at influences ranging from Brian Eno to shoegaze and kraut. The following single featured no other than Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth on vocals. They are currently working on their second album.




Amplified is a rock trio from Norrköping, Sweden and they play tongue-in-cheek, no-bullshit hardrock without any pretentious undertones. Amplified toured both Sweden and Finland During 2016 and finished the year with a week of touring in Croatia. They have over 50 000 youtube-views and several of their songs are on rotation on radio stations from all over the US and Europe. Amplified are now coming back to rock Croatia! So do you like music that sounds like the love child of The Hives and Danko Jones? Come see us on InMusic Festival in Zagreb this summer!




Niklas Svedjelind (DJ)
Twenty-three-year-old Niklas Svedjelind combines his passion for music and travel by frequently visiting music-festivals around the world. His dream of becoming a professional DJ and producer is a year and a half in the making and he gives 100% on every well-prepared performance.

This young talent enjoys playing electro house and funky house the most, but is wide ranging and adaptable to most crowds. Always a positive and energetic presence on stage, he's sure to deliver an invitation to dance.




Adam Axelsson (Altman Und Alltman) (DJ)
Altman Und Alltman is a Gothenburg-based electronic music producer and DJ Adam Axelsson, the man behind the project came up with the alter ego during his studies at music college in London.

His compositions are often in a classic house style with vocal inputs and groovy bass-lines. Some of his biggest influences are Candi Staton, The Blaze, Chic, A tribe Called Quest, Alice Cooper and Faithless.


Om festivalen

INmusic är utnämnd av The National Geographic Traveler till en av världens bästa festivaler. The Huffington Post kallar den för "The Woodstock of the 21st Century"! 

Festivalen har etablerat sig som en utav Europas bästa och har hittills i år bokat artister som Kings of Leon, Kasabian, Alt-J, Repetitor, Michael Kiwanuka och Arcade Fire.

Vid sjön Jarun på två öar och fyra scener möts 30 000 människor för att uppleva allt från etablerade artister till nyupptäckta stjärnor. Under tre dagar bjuds det på allt från rock, pop, indie, metal till hip-hop och elektronisk musik. Festivalområdet bjuder även på sol & bad, surfing, mat från alla världens hörn och med en kort spårvangstur tar man sig till Zagrebs centrum för att uppleva storstan.

Festivalens camping finns på en egen ö som är omgiven av skön natur, inbjudande badstrand och en rad olika aktiviteter. Här erbjuds allt från surfing och bad, skateboardåkning på Kroatiens största skatepark till hästridning och paddling, även en rad olika workshops. 


Festivalens hemsida


Festival 19-21 juni

Buss från Stockholm 17 juni

Buss Framme 18 juni

Buss Lämnar 22 juni

Hemma 23 juni Midsommarafton

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